Candidates in the 13th congressional district gear up for next week’s election

With the Illinois primary election less than a week away, 13th district Republican candidate Regan Deering — an entrepreneur and activist – spent the weekend canvassing in Monticello.  She said voters are most concerned about inflation and how it’s impacting gas and food prices. Deering said the repeal of the Parental Notice Act, which allows […]

When children with sickle cell grow up, they face a system not designed for them   One night when Paul Gakpo was 9 months old, he fell sick and wouldn’t eat. His parents grew worried and rushed him to a nearby hospital the next morning. It was 1984. The doctors figured out baby Gakpo’s red blood cells were changing from the typical doughnut shape into the shape of a […]

217 Today: Sickle cell disease creates barriers for men and women to access fertility treatments

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 Today’s headlines: A new report highlights the mountain of work ahead to make banking in Illinois more racially equitable. There’s less than a week until the primary election, and the newly drawn 13th Congressional district is Democratic-leaning, but far from decided. Conservative gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey is feeling optimistic about his […]

Getting fertility care is complex. It can be harder if you have sickle cell disease

Teonna Woolford has always wanted to have six kids. “I don’t know where that number came from. I just felt like four wasn’t enough,” Woolford said. “And I never wanted an odd number of children. I don’t know. Six is a good number.” Listen to this story here. Woolford was born with sickle cell […]