Mountain lion makes its way into Springfield

A young male mountain lion is making its way through central Illinois and conservation officials are asking the public to let it continue to roam. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources said it was captured and fitted with a GPS collar in Nebraska last fall as part of a research project. IDNR is notifying residents […]

Truth Test: Did Nikki Budzinski ‘cash in’ as a political consultant?

CHICAGO — A recent report from the Better Government Association, a nonpartisan watchdog group, called congressional candidate Nikki Budzinski into question for ‘cashing in’ as a political consultant. Budzinski is a Democrat running in Illinois’ 13th congressional district against Republican Regan Deering. “We looked at a powerful government official, state government official, who welcomed and […]

217 Today: John Deere’s plans to create an autonomous tractor evoke mixed reactions from farmers

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 Today’s headlines: An Illinois lawmaker wants to considerably streamline how cannabis is controlled in the state, but he’s running out of time. Candidates running for Illinois Attorney General met in a debate last night on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight. In the 13th congressional district, Republicans said Democratic candidate Nikki Budzinski earned thousands […]

John Deere says it will make the tractor of the future — no driver needed

Farm implement manufacturers, including giant John Deere, are well on their way to deploying autonomous tractors. Prototypes are in the field now, and they could be widely available by the end of the decade. Autonomous vehicles that drive themselves may come to farm fields long before they are common on roadways. John Deere intends to […]