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217 Today: Accessing early intervention services is a challenge for families of young children with disabilities

Taylor's Tots is a childcare center in Rockford, IL. Not all daycares will allow therapists for kids with disabilities, placing another hurdle in the way of families to getting their kids the care they need.

June 5, 2023

Today’s headlines:

  • Danville held its very first annual LGBTQ Pride Fest on Saturday.
  • Allerton Park kicked off its yearly concert series, starting with an LGBTQ Pride concert on Saturday.
  • State lawmakers failed to get a new gun control measure passed during the recently closed spring session.
  • Illinois residents who identify as Middle Eastern or North African may soon have a different box to check under “race.”

On today’s deep dive, we hear about the challenges of getting kids with disabilities the care they need.

Reporting contributed by Mae Antar, Owen Henderson, Eric Stock, Mawa Iqbal and Peter Medlin.

Picture of Owen Henderson

Owen Henderson

Owen Henderson covers arts and culture, as well as LGBTQ issues for Illinois Public Media News. He studied journalism, Spanish and theater at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and has worked with Illinois Public Media in various capacities since 2021.

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