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217 Today: Her husband survived D-Day. She had him tell his story before he died

Eleanor Monninger holds up a Normalite newspaper article in which her now late husband wrote about his experience serving during the D-Day invasion.

June 7, 2023

Today’s headlines:

  • Illinois is one of 10 states on a securities task force that’s pursuing legal action against the crypto-currency platform Coin-base for allegedly violating securities laws.
  • A coalition of clergy sex abuse victims and their advocates are demanding more information and transparency after the release of a report from the Illinois Attorney General’s office.
  • The new state budget includes more than 350 million dollars to address homelessness in Illinois.
  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee heard testimony yesterday on a bipartisan proposal to mandate AM radios in cars and trucks.
  •  The city of Urbana named Larry Boone, the former chief of police from Norfolk, Virginia, as its new police chief.

In today’s deep dive, we the story of a central Illinois man who survived the storming of the beaches during D-Day. 

contributed by Lauren Warnecke, Alex Degman, Tim Shelley, Jim Meadows, Reginald Hardwick and Eric Stock.

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