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WEATHER ALERT: Icy conditions in the forecast.

Alert issued for unhealthy air quality throughout all of Illinois on Friday

City of Urbana

URBANA – The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency issued an alert that the air will be “unhealthy for sensitive groups” throughout the entire state of Illinois on Friday, June 2.

The problem is ground-level ozone. According to a statement from the Illinois EPA, “Ground-level ozone is formed when emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds from vehicles, power plants, and other industrial sources, react in the presence of sunlight.” 

People with respiratory or pulmonary disorders are encouraged to take special precautions and follow the regimen prescribed by their doctors. 

“All residents should keep cool and limit physical activity when air quality is low. Possible symptoms related to sensitive groups impacted by low air quality include coughing or shortness of breath,” said the Illinois EPA in a statement on Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service in Lincoln, warm weather will continue in Central Illinois on Friday with a chance for thunderstorms mainly west of I-55. Temperatures will top out in the 89-93 degree range.

The Illinois EPA recommends that people consider taking public transit, ridesharing, biking, and reducing driving. Also, reduce energy demands and the use of gasoline-powered equipment during the day.

Reginald Hardwick

Reginald Hardwick

Reginald Hardwick is the News & Public Affairs Director for the Illinois Newsroom. He started at WILL in October of 2019 after serving as News Director for WKAR in East Lansing, Michigan. Previously, he was a news producer and manager at the NBC station in Dallas, where he won 7 Emmy awards. Born in Vietnam, Reginald is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. Email: rh14@illinois.edu Twitter: @RNewsWILL

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