Illinois Newsroom is a statewide public media collaboration that responds to community-identified concerns with in-depth journalism on issues of education, health, environment, and state politics. The questions we receive from you directly inform the stories we tell and what we investigate. Let us know what you need to know!

What questions do you have about education, healthcare, politics, or the environment in Illinois?

You might wonder: Why are there such large disparities in funding for different public schools in Illinois? Will there be a budget for our state next year? Are there going to be any surprising increases in healthcare premiums this year? Are there any disease outbreaks affecting the state right now?  How will the changes to the Farm Bill affect my community?

We’ll consider any question, specific or broad, about the state or your region.

Here’s how it works: You share your questions with us. We’ll answer a few questions a month. (Sometimes we’ll let you vote on the questions you most want us to answer.) Some questions may spark larger investigations by our team, some will be shorter web stories or radio segments, and some questions may be answered through a quick email. We might ask you to come along for our reporting process to find your answer together. Whatever your question, we appreciate you asking!

So, what questions do you have about state politics, education, healthcare, or the environment in our state that you’d like one of our reporters to investigate? Let us know in the box to the left