Rep. Rodney Davis’s long Congressional career halted

TAYLORVILLE – A decade-long career in Congress will soon come to an end for central Illinois’ Rodney Davis.  Last night, Davis conceded to primary challenger Mary Miller, whose campaign leaned on her ties to former President Donald Trump.  In a 15th district race that was expected to be a nail-biter, Congresswoman Miller ousted Congressman Davis […]

Former President Donald Trump gives Rep. Mary Miller a last minute boost

MENDON – On a sweltering day in Adams County, Illinois, former President Donald Trump spoke in front of thousands of exuberant supporters, highlighting his endorsement of first-term Congresswoman Mary Miller and gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey. Supporters of former president Trump and Congresswoman Miller were energized after the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Miller called it […]

Protests take over downtown Urbana after repeal of Roe v. Wade

URBANA — Friday’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was met with impassioned backlash in Champaign County.  The Party for Socialism and Liberation in Champaign organized a 100 person-plus rally Friday evening in support of abortion-rights. Abortion-rights supporters circled downtown Urbana and the edge of the University of Illinois. They put a halt […]

Trump rally could be ‘tipping point’ for Mary Miller’s campaign, expert says

With less than a week until the primary election in Illinois, the buzz in the state’s newly redrawn 15th Congressional District is centered on a “Save America” rally this Saturday (June 25) at the Adams County Fairgrounds, northeast of Quincy, with former President Donald Trump and Congresswoman Mary Miller. Rick Wilson, co-founder of The Lincoln […]

Rodney Davis and Mary Miller ignore the Jan. 6 committee’s findings

URBANA – The next U.S. House select committee hearing on the events of Jan. 6 will be in July, following the June 23 hearing. But two members of Congress competing in next week’s Illinois Republican primary — Rodney Davis and Mary Miller — aren’t paying much attention to the committee’s findings. Dr. John Jackson, a […]

Candidates in the 13th congressional district gear up for next week’s election

With the Illinois primary election less than a week away, 13th district Republican candidate Regan Deering — an entrepreneur and activist – spent the weekend canvassing in Monticello.  She said voters are most concerned about inflation and how it’s impacting gas and food prices. Deering said the repeal of the Parental Notice Act, which allows […]

Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey joining Trump and Miller at rally

MONTICELLO – State Senator Darren Bailey, a leading contender in the Illinois Republican gubernatorial race, is joining former President Trump and U.S. Representative Mary Miller at a rally this Saturday evening, June 25, at the Adams County fairgrounds in Mendon. Bailey is a long-time supporter of Miller.  The freshman congresswoman from rural Coles County is […]

Champaign County police turn to financial incentives to fill vacancies

CHAMPAIGN – Police departments across the U.S., including in Champaign County, are facing staffing shortages.  The Champaign police department is using financial incentives to try to fill 20 officer openings.  Within the last few months, it filled several vacancies after offering a $20,000 signing bonus. “Recruiting is getting harder,” Joe Lamberson, the Champaign police department’s […]

Champaign County community leaders offer more than thoughts and prayers

CHAMPAIGN — There have been more than 260 mass shootings in the US so far in 2022, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Two Champaign community leaders are offering more than thoughts and prayers. Rev. Terrance L. Thomas is a pastor at Bethel AME Church in Champaign. He rejects blaming the current gun violence crisis […]

Outside spending dominates in 15th district Republican primary

URBANA — There’s a lot of outside interest in the 15th Congressional district Republican primary race between long-time incumbent Rodney Davis and first-time incumbent Mary Miller.  More than $7 million has been spent on the primary by outside individuals and groups, according to OpenSecrets, a nonpartisan independent organization that tracks campaign spending. The group said […]

Rodney Davis and Mary Miller oppose Protecting Our Kids Act

URBANA – On Wednesday, The House passed the Protecting Our Kids Act, which would enact new gun control measures following the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas. It would raise the age required to buy a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21, and it would ban the sale of ammunition magazines with a capacity […]

Recapping Illinois’ 13th Republican District Debate

URBANA – Last Thursday, four Republican candidates hoping to represent the newly drawn 13th Congressional district debated at the studios of Illinois Public Media. Three candidates are modeling their campaign after former President Trump, while one is choosing a more bipartisan track. Brian Mackey, host of the 21st talk show, started off the debate by […]

Four Republicans face off in 13th Congressional district debate

URBANA – Four Republican candidates hoping to represent the 13th Congressional district faced off on Thursday night. They echoed similar concerns about the Biden presidency and reflected on an unrecognizable America, a “Twilight Zone,” as Terry Martin, a former political journalist, remarked. Illinois Public Media sponsored the debate ahead of the June 28th primary. Jesse […]

Rodney Davis talks agriculture and responds to repeal of Parental Notice of Abortion Act

CHAMPAIGN – Republican Congressman Rodney Davis made his first visit to the GROWMARK/FS facility outside Champaign on Wednesday. It’s the largest upright grain elevator in Illinois and stores millions of bushels of No. 2 Yellow Corn.  A senior member of the House Agriculture Committee and House Transportation Committee, Davis says he’s working to promote job […]

Recapping Illinois’ 13th Democratic District Debate

URBANA – Democratic candidates, Nikki Budzinski, a former aide to President Joe Biden and Governor J.B. Pritzker and David Palmer, a businessman and former basketball player, met last Thursday for an Illinois Public Media-sponsored debate. They largely agreed on the issues plaguing Americans but differed in a few key areas. Gun violence After the recent […]