State Rep. Chris Miller reflects on January 6, analyzes midterm elections in IPM interview

URBANA — State Representative Chris Miller of Illinois’ 110th district won re-election in last week’s midterms. He ran unopposed and will soon serve his third term in office. Miller, the Coles County Republican, attended the “Save America” rally in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021, which preceded the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building. A […]

Democrat and first-time candidate Nikki Budzinski prevails in IL-13 race

SPRINGFIELD — “Thank you, and then let’s get to work,” Nikki Budzinski said on Election Night to a cheering crowd at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. Budzinski had a lot to celebrate. She successfully flipped Illinois’ 13th congressional district blue after it being a Republican stronghold for years. Most recently, five-term Republican Rep. Rodney Davis […]

Truth Test: Did Nikki Budzinski ‘cash in’ as a political consultant?

CHICAGO — A recent report from the Better Government Association, a nonpartisan watchdog group, called congressional candidate Nikki Budzinski into question for ‘cashing in’ as a political consultant. Budzinski is a Democrat running in Illinois’ 13th congressional district against Republican Regan Deering. “We looked at a powerful government official, state government official, who welcomed and […]

Democratic candidate Paul Lange supports strong welfare state, gradual approach to climate change in IPM interview

SPRINGFIELD — In Illinois’ newly redrawn 15th congressional district, Congresswoman Mary Miller is up for re-election. Miller topped fellow incumbent Rodney Davis in the Republican primary in June. Miller will face Democratic challenger Paul Lange, a former precinct committeeman and commodities broker from Quincy, Illinois, in the November midterm election. Lange spoke to Illinois Newsroom’s […]

Rep. Robin Kelly supports the Green New Deal and strong gun control in IPM interview

URBANA — Congresswoman Robin Kelly is up for re-election in Illinois’ 2nd congressional district. She’s running against Republican challenger Thomas Lynch. Illinois Newsroom’s Harrison Malkin spoke with Kelly about ways to curb gun violence, the Green New Deal, and a range of other policy issues. Malkin: First, I wanted to ask you a little bit […]

USDA designates Champaign & Vermilion counties as primary natural disaster areas

After severe droughts in July and August, the U.S. Department of Agriculture designated Champaign and Vermilion counties as primary natural disaster areas. With that announcement, farmers with 30% crop loss, can apply for low-interest, emergency loans. This can help replace equipment or refinance certain debts. John Gehrke heads the loan program at the USDA Illinois […]

Republican candidate Thomas Lynch critical of big government in IPM interview

URBANA — Congresswoman Robin Kelly is up for re-election in Illinois’ newly redrawn 2nd congressional district, which stretches from the Danville area to Chicago’s South Side. Kelly will face Republican challenger Thomas Lynch, a member of the Iroquois County Board, in the November midterm election. Lynch spoke with Illinois Newsroom’s Harrison Malkin about his life […]

Truth Test: Does gun control not work?

CHAMPAIGN — In an exclusive interview with Illinois Public Media, Republican Regan Deering, the 13th congressional district candidate, made this claim: “I do think that unfortunately, a lot of the communities that are experiencing gun violence across the country do have very strict gun laws on the books.” “Correlation is not causation,” Dr. John Jackson, […]

Democratic candidate Nikki Budzinski backs natural gas production, supports lowering prescription drug prices in IPM interview

URBANA — Two first-time candidates, Democrat Nikki Budzinski and Republican Regan Deering, are facing off in the newly redrawn 13th congressional district in central Illinois. The winner will help determine which party controls Congress in January. Springfield resident Nikki Budzinski spoke with Illinois Newsroom’s Harrison Malkin. Malkin: Nikki (Budzinski) is running against Regan Deering, a […]

Truth Test: Will the Workers’ Rights Amendment benefit workers?

This election season, voters in Illinois will decide on a proposed amendment to the state constitution, dubbed “Amendment 1” or the “Workers’ Rights Amendment.” Voting “yes” on the amendment would establish a state constitutional right for employees to organize and collectively bargain. Frank Manzo IV, Executive Director of the pro-labor Illinois Economic Policy Institute, said […]

Truth Test: Will ending cash bail in Illinois cause a rise in crime?

Champaign Police Cars

Governor JB Pritzker signed the SAFE-T Act into law in 2021. On January 1, 2023, the Act will end cash bail in Illinois. In a cash bail system, the ability to pay bail determines if a person is released or remains in jail after an arrest. Illinois Republicans are warning that New York’s bail reform, […]