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Deere Introduces Autonomous Tractor

John Deere has used this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to introduce its first autonomous tractor. Tuesday it put on an hour-long, multi-media presentation showing off the tractor that’ll be available later this year.

Deanna Kovar, Vice President Production and Precision Ag Business, says autonomous tractors will help farmers do their difficult, time-consuming jobs.

“I like to think of this autonomous 8R tractor as one giant robot. It goes through the field autonomously, within an inch of accuracy, and is able to perform its job without human intervention.”

Farmers can operate and monitor the tractor from their phone, tablet, or computer, and she thinks it’ll give them more time – to run their farms and to spend with their families.

Deere’s presentation featured Minnesota corn and soybean farmer, Doug Nimz, shown in the video operating a tractor with his phone.

“The thing that excites me the most about autonomy is not being locked in the tractor cab all day. It will just allow me to run my business better because I can just pay closer attention to other tasks. Now I’ll be doing the jobs we always wanted to get done but never had time to because we were in the cab all the time.”

Nimz says farmers are traditional as a rule, but he believes they’ll soon accept autonomous tractors. And as he says, “it will be a life changer for me.”

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