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State Farm plans a $21 million airport hangar in Bloomington

State Farm plans to build a $21.5 million hangar at Central Illinois Regional Airport to replace the hangar it's currently using at the site.

State Farm wants more airport hangar space to fly its corporate travelers in and out of Bloomington.

Central Illinois Regional Airport has submitted plans for the $21.5 million project to the city of Bloomington.

Airport Director Carl Olson said State Farm wants to replace the hangar it’s been using at the airport since 1999, noting parts of that facility are close to 40 years old.

“Over the years, State Farm has retrofitted and added space to the hangar, but they have reached the point where they have advised the (Bloomington-Normal) Airport Authority that the current facility can no longer meet the needs of their organization,” Olson said.

In a statement, State Farm said building a new hangar will allow for a safer and more effective workspace for its flight operations.

“We have renovated our current hangar over the past 20 years to meet business needs, we must invest in further infrastructure improvements,” said State Farm public affairs specialist Gina Morss-Fische. “This investment is an example of our commitment to the Twin Cities.”

According to a document posted on the city’s website, the project will include construction of the new hangar facility with indoor and outdoor parking, storage place for planes and office and storage rooms.

State Farm’s current hangar is located just off East Empire Street on airport property. Olson said the new hangar will be built south-southwest of that hangar near the site of the old airport terminal. Olson said the airport authority owns the grounds and State Farm leases the space.

State Farm expects construction will be complete next January, upon approval of the project.

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