Ask The Newsroom: Correctional Facilities, Daily Testing And More

There is a slew of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on Illinois residents and businesses. We’ve received questions from listeners about everything from the virus and its impact on correctional facilities to daily testing and wearing masks in public. We’ve answered some of the questions we received below. Correctional facilities Q: How many […]

Ask The Newsroom: Restaurant Safety, Stimulus Checks And More

Due to the suddenness of the coronavirus outbreak, there is a slew of uncertainty surrounding the disease and its effects on society.  We’ve received questions from listeners about everything from how the restaurant service should operate to prevent the spread of the virus to COVID-19 recovery efforts to the status of unemployment and stimulus checks. […]

Ask The Newsroom: Confusion Over Masks And Coronavirus Protection

This week, The 21st show is answering listener questions about the coronavirus. We received a question at from Kimberly, who wants to know why the general public is being told to not to use face masks while at the same time, we’re hearing health care workers need them: “Why is it that the masks work for […]

Ask the Newsroom: What Are Champaign And Urbana Doing To Create More Affordable Housing

Illinois Newsroom has been covering the struggle to find affordable housing around the state. The lack of funding to build housing for people with low-incomes is one challenge. But city governments can influence where and how housing is built through their zoning rules. Allowing more multi-family structures opens neighborhoods up to people who cannot afford […]

Ask The Newsroom: Section 8 Housing

In Illinois, there are only 35 affordable housing units for every 100 families considered extremely low-income, according to Housing Action Illinois, a…

Out of Reach: Illinois’ Affordable Housing Crisis

Affordable housing issues often get media attention when property prices soar due to spiking economic development or when property prices tumble due to dramatic industry decline, but that narrative is incomplete. Lack of affordable housing affects communities of all types and sizes. Social service and health providers across the state pointed to housing insecurity as […]

High On The Highway: Challenges With Marijuana DUIs

Come January 14, Illinois will have a new pro-pot-legalization governor and a Democrat-held legislature, leading many to believe the state will legalize recreational cannabis. That’s exciting for some, concerning  for others. At a recent “News & Brews” community event about what legalization may mean for Illinois, several attendees asked how police officers plan to deal […]

Worried About Voting? Here’s What You Need To Know

Election day is looming and we’ve gotten questions through our Ask The Newsroom project about things that could go wrong on election day. Here’s what you can do if you run into trouble while voting. Video: Busting myths about voting in Illinois What if I forgot to register to vote by the deadline? Don’t panic […]

Ask The Newsroom: How Are Early Voting And Mail-in Ballots Handled?

In the past, Ann Quackenbush would wake up early on election day to get to her polling place. The elementary school teacher in Champaign says it was often hard to make time to vote during a busy school day. For the primary last March, she tried something different – mailing in her ballot before election […]

Ask the Newsroom: Election Edition

You want to be an informed and confident voter this election season, and Illinois Newsroom wants to help. Our statewide public media collaboration is delivering you the highest quality information around the Midterm Elections. And you’ll be our guide. We’re launching our Ask the Newsroom: Election Edition project so you can ask us your pressing […]