Dozens of McLean County Schools Face COVID Exposure

School-aged children make up the largest share of new coronavirus cases in McLean County. The McLean County Health Department (MCHD) on Wednesday announced 84 daily coronavirus cases and 435 cases for the week. About 29% of the weekly cases (127) involve kids age 17 and under. Those under age 12, who are not eligible for […]

Summer Surge In Child Respiratory Illnesses A Worrying Sign For The Months Ahead

PEORIA — A doctor at the OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria says she’s concerned about how the upcoming fall and winter might play out with the unusual recent surge in pediatric respiratory illnesses. Dr. Michele Beekman is a pediatric hospitalist at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, and an associate professor of clinical […]

Working Parents And Closed Schools: The Childcare Struggle During COVID-19

Sierra is in a bind. She and her husband have two children — ages three and nine years old — and they live in Urbana.  Sierra’s 9-year-old son is attending school remotely this fall, because the local school district has deemed it unsafe to reopen for in-person instruction. While she and her husband placed their […]