Illinois Early Childhood Educators Share Election Hopes

Preschool is a key part of building a solid foundation for lifelong learning, some experts even say it’s the most important part of a child’s education. And yet, it’s not considered by the state of Illinois to be as important as K-12 education, based on the way funding is allocated.

Trump Signs Water Infrastructure Bill

President Donald Trump signed America’s Water Infrastructure Act on Tuesday, which authorizes work on many projects around the U.S., ranging from water…

Little Rock Nine Member Talks About Desegregation, Mental Health In Galesburg

Knox College, in Western Illinois, honored a civil rights icon with a doctorate degree during its convocation in September. Elizabeth Eckford was one of the Little Rock Nine, the nine black students who faced extreme racism as they tried to desegregate a white high school in Arkansas in 1957. Eckford attended Knox for a year […]

From Plants To Panels: Solar Debate Plays Out In Fields Around Illinois

Rural counties are facing a lot of heat over Illinois’ booming solar power development. The big push started in late 2016 when the state legislature passed the Future Energy Jobs Act. It sets aside at least $180 million yearly to help fund renewable energies like solar, which will help the state meet its goal of […]

Ask The Newsroom: How Are Early Voting And Mail-in Ballots Handled?

In the past, Ann Quackenbush would wake up early on election day to get to her polling place. The elementary school teacher in Champaign says it was often hard to make time to vote during a busy school day. For the primary last March, she tried something different – mailing in her ballot before election […]

Why Illinois Data On Chronic School Absences Could Be ‘Meaningless’

Illinois schools will soon have to publicly report and be evaluated on a new performance measurement: chronic absence. But researchers and superintendents have raised questions about whether or not that data will be meaningful or fair. In Illinois, chronic absence is defined as missing 10 percent — or 18 days — of a school year […]

Data Show Opioid Prescriptions Declining In IL

There is some good news in the fight against opioid abuse in Illinois. Doctors prescribed fewer opioids to patients in 2017 than 2016, according to numbers from the statewide prescription monitoring program. The database can’t track illegal narcotic use, but the drop in prescriptions is still widely seen as a good sign as the majority […]