The Flash Index shows the Illinois economy grew at a faster pace in September

URBANA – After two months of slight declines in the rate of growth, the Flash Index to the Illinois economy rose in September to 106.0. The latest reading shows a sixth straight month of economic growth in the state. Illinois and the U.S. as a whole went through a recession induced by the COVID-19 shutdown […]

Small Dip In Flash Index Suggests Illinois Economy’s Plateau

URBANA – The University of Illinois Flash Index reading of 105.8 in July showed the Illinois economy growing at a slightly slower pace, compared to June’s reading of 106.0. But the economist who compiles the index doesn’t think the state’s economic growth rate is going down. “I think it’s more like, not a real decline, […]

Illinois Flash Index Continues To Rise

URBANA – The Illinois economy is growing at its highest rate since 2015. That’s according to the latest University of Illinois Flash Index. Listen to this story here. The Flash Index measured the state’s economy at 106.0 for June, well above the 100-level that divides growth and decline. The June reading is higher than May’s […]

Illinois Economy Rebounding, According To Flash Index

URBANA – The Illinois economy has been in growth mode for two months in a row, according to the University of Illinois Flash Index. Any reading above 100 on the Flash Index means economic growth. The May reading was at 105.3. That’s up from April’s 101.5, and almost as high as the February 2020 reading […]

Flash Index Shows Record Jump In Illinois Economy

URBANA — For the first time in 13 months, the Illinois economy is expanding, according to the University of Illinois Flash Index. The Flash Index reading for April is 101.5, surging above 100 for the first time since February 2020, when it was at 105.7. The COVID-19 pandemic sent the Flash Index below 100 starting […]

Flash Index Shows Improving Illinois Economy For March

URBANA – The Flash Index showed a strong improvement in Illinois’ economy over the past month, rising from February’s reading of 96.6  to 97.8 for March. The increase comes after several months of steady but slower improvement, as the Illinois economy recovers from last year’s deep downtown caused by the COVID-19 shutdown. University of Illinois […]

Flash Index Continues Slow, Steady Recovery

URBANA – The Illinois economy continued its slow recovery in January, according to the University of Illinois Flash Index. Listen to this story here. The Flash Index measured the state’s economy at 96.3 for the first month of 2021. That’s up from 95.9 the month before. Any Flash Index reading below 100 indicates economic contraction. […]

Flash Index Shows Slow Improvement In Illinois Economy

The economist who prepares the University of Illinois’ Flash Index to the Illinois economy says if things continue on their present course, Illinois could return to economic growth in about half a year. The Flash Index, released this week by the university’s Institute of Government and Public Affairs, measured the Illinois economy at 95.1 for […]

Flash Index Shows Contraction Of Illinois Economy

The latest readings of the Flash Index show the Illinois economy quickly shifting from growth to contraction during the coronavirus pandemic. The Flash Index has been above 100 for the past eight years, indicating economic growth in Illinois during that period. But University of Illinois economist Fred Giertz says that all changed as coronavirus stay-at-home […]

Illinois Flash Index Put On Hold By Coronavirus Outbreak

Every month, the University of Illinois Flash Index analyzes Illinois tax receipts to provide a quick measurement of the Illinois economy. But the disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak is making that impossible for now. Professor emeritus in economics Fred Giertz produces the Flash Index for the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public […]

News Around Illinois – March 3, 2020

Illinois Officials Announce 4th Positive Test For Virus CHICAGO — Health officials say a person in Illinois has tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the fourth suspected case in the state. The woman is the spouse of the third patient, whose case was announced over the weekend. The Illinois and Cook County public health departments made […]