Drug Takeback Proposal Aims To Keep Unwanted Medicine Out Of IL Streets & Water

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SPRINGFIELD – State lawmakers and public health advocates want to make it more convenient for Illinoisans to get rid of their unwanted medicine. If you look in the places where you store medicine at home, state Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D-Glenview) is willing to bet you’ve got expired pills and liquids. She recently took a look […]

Rural & Urban Areas Urged To Reduce Chemical Runoff Into Water

Illinois’ Department of Agriculture published its bi-annual study that looked at how to improve water quality by cutting down on pollutants that runoff into streams and rivers. Officials are mainly concerned with stopping excess nitrogen and phosphorus runoff. If too much of the stuff flows into a waterway, the chemicals can suck the oxygen out […]

News Around Illinois – November 27, 2019

State Crop Sustainability Goal Is Centuries Away PEORIA – Illinois is still two centuries away from hitting towards its goal of planting enough cover crops to make a significant dent in nutrient pollution in waterways. That’s according to a coalition of environmental groups responding to the state’s recently-released biennial Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy report.  Nutrient […]