Election day is looming and we’ve gotten questions through our Ask The Newsroom project about things that could go wrong on election day. Here’s what you can do if you run into trouble while voting. Video: Busting myths about voting in Illinois What if I forgot to register to vote by the deadline? Don’t panic [...]

Illinois Newsroom holds Listening Sessions across the state to hear what’s top of mind for community members. Unlike a formal interview, listening sessions are prompted with open-ended questions and discussions are community member led. These meetings often occur for hours, building bonds between our team and communities and giving us direction for deeper-dive reporting series [...]

A notable percentage of voters remain undecided or say they’ll vote for a third party candidate. Aaliyah counts herself among the “undecideds.”

Gynecologists hope the federal Food and Drug Administration’s decision to approve human papillomavirus vaccine for older adults could protect more…

Two competitive judicial races for circuit court are on the ballot in Champaign County this year, which doesn’t happen often.

Rural counties are facing a lot of heat over Illinois’ booming solar power development. The big push started in late 2016 when the state legislature passed the Future Energy Jobs Act. It sets aside at least $180 million yearly to help fund renewable energies like solar, which will help the state meet its goal of [...]

Earlier this month, Diane Nash told a full auditorium of University of Illinois Springfield students that she and fellow civil rights activists, “Loved…

Who Benefits From Video Court?

In 2000, Charles Davidson was arrested the day before the 4th of July for a crime he said he didn’t commit. Urbana Police responded that evening to a complaint of fireworks and came upon Davidson, who claims he made the complaint on behalf of his mother. According to court records, police accused the now 68-year-old [...]

In the past, Ann Quackenbush would wake up early on election day to get to her polling place. The elementary school teacher in Champaign says it was often hard to make time to vote during a busy school day. For the primary last March, she tried something different – mailing in her ballot before election [...]

Technology changing access and outcomes in abortion debate President Donald Trump has stood strongly behind the anti-abortion movement, and his Supreme…

In his first major political speech since leaving office, former President Barack Obama took aim at the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress — blaming them for inciting division and stoking fears in the country. Obama delivered the address at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus, where he also accepted the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics [...]

Earlier this month, we reported on the 1908 Race Riot in Springfield and what’s being done to remember and reconcile 110 years after the violence broke…

You want to be an informed and confident voter this election season, and Illinois Newsroom wants to help. Our statewide public media collaboration is delivering you the highest quality information around the Midterm Elections. And you’ll be our guide. We’re launching our Ask the Newsroom: Election Edition project so you can ask us your pressing [...]

It’s been 110 years since the 1908 Race Riot erupted in Springfield. The violence and its aftermath inspired the founding of the NAACP, the prominent civil rights organization. A number of groups in the city recognized and remembered the violence and lives lost in a series of public events earlier this month. There are also [...]

The answer lies within the Russian nesting doll structure of our government and law enforcement jurisdictions. The City of Urbana sits within Champaign County which sits within the State of Illinois which sits within the United States of America. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a federal agency that  enforces federal immigration laws, and its [...]